DGM, Company Secretary, Accounts Officer Gr I, II & Other – 9 Posts

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Post Date : 03/11/2021
DGM, Company Secretary, Accounts Officer Gr I, II & Other – 9 Posts
Degree with C.A/ ICMA, PG Degree/ Diploma (Relevant Discipline)

Last Date : 06-12-2021

Advt.No.llltr I l/2021 r0l
l, Colernment of Itrdi. Undertikingl
Co’tuile Ol lcc_ .mrup.
P.O Pirblrtur I)ist. Dibrug.rh. rssam: PtN-786621 I x- 0i7″1250(ll l7r einai : inii, r-b1tl.co li
Bralmaputra vnllc) Fertilizer Corporution Ltd, a CPSD under the Minislry ot Chemicats &
I:ertllizeN was created by dcmerger olNamrup Urit oJ Hindustan FertiliTcr Corpomrion Lld to lorm a
ne$ CPSE. Ihc conrpan) operales two A monia-Urea plants at Nenmrp viz. Namrup II and Namrup-l ,
in the Upper Assarn Dislrict ol Dlbrugarh r’ith an efticlive capacit) to produce 1.90 tlkh M 1 of urea per
annum. The Cot. of lrdia is in the proccss ol esrablishing a n$t Ammonia-Urea project of higher
capacity based on llrc lalest technoloc,. b.,- loming n Joinr Vcnlure Compan! ot CpSEs and Covr. of
Assam. to be ser up at the eristing plant sitc ol BVFCL bl rcplacjng both ihe old plants. The proposcd
proiecl is likcl) to be complelelt brsed on arural Ciis. like the eisring unils.
‘I’he compan) iniles afplications lioln Indian narionirl! Iin ihe t-ollo$,ing posts:
Age limit
(Max) as
Essential Qualifi cation &
experience m on 0l.l1.2021
(excluding training period, if
I Dl. Ceneml
Marager (HR)
0l posr tJR
I 43200-
3% 66000/
gross pay
‘l he incurnbent $ ill be
rcsponsible for ov.rrll
activilic reiatinc to
Pelsollnel. IIt & \rellare.
idminislration. Hirdi
Cell. I csal and Training
inclrLdc plaIning.
rronitorirg ard rcgulallng
the HIl. lR ard
Adrrif islrntion nralters as
per Conrpanl S policy
and Vxrious LatrNr laws.
relatirg lo depaftmenrs
under his adminislrrtive
connol and other relaled
rnaltcr like Eslate and
To!nship. Disciplinary
aclions. Leqtrl matters.
conciLiationi ad.jLrdication
proceedings belirc the
natut{rr! :rrLthorilies rnd
5l years MBA $i1h specialization ir
Personnel Managen.”nt and
lndusnial Relalions or Post
Graduate Dcg.ee , Diploma
ir PIR,HRD/ 1-abour &
Social Wellare \,idr
mininnnn l6 .,-ears post
profcssional qualificalion
Eecuti. eperiencc in
Personnel & Administralion
I)cpa(ment of a PSUI larye
Private sector organizalionoul of which 5 )ears should
be in a Senior Managcrial
position Degrec in Law is
The incumbent should have
thorough knowledge ol’
Labour Larvs.
Administmtion & Estate
tirncljoning. Tmining
poiicies and rlth the lalesr
HR practices. He shall bc
responsitrle for tbrnulating
Persofinel Managemenl
policics including succcsslon
Irlanning. Manpowe| career
HRD aclivilies.
Lialsoning wilh Go!1.
oillces and slarLLtor!
planning. Recruitment and
Selectioli etc. of the
cnrployees. The candidate
should have good exposure
in the field ol lndustrial
Relations including $,agc
negotiallons and handling of
Legal rnatiers. disciplinaryi
conciliatioDr adjudjcation
Proceedings belore the
slatutory authorities.
Prelerence !ill bc given to
ircumbents having r,orking
expcricnce in CPSE’s.
2 Deputy General
ET level
0l post (UR)
t 43200-
gross pa)
The incurrbent v! ill be
ilnancial activllies of ihe
(lorponllui. incLuding
fi nancjal accounling and
budgctar conlrol. cosling
and pricing. tlnalization
ot comparr Accounts.
Taalion- AudiI.
lamiliarit) $l1h cash
epcrdllure control. and
accounting of n rketing
funclion. lirisoning wllh
Financial lnstilr(ions and
Govt. bodies.
53 years GradrLale with C.A. or
LC.W.A. wilh minimrm l6
ears post profcssional
qualificalion [xecutive
expcricnce in-line in a PSUI
large Privale sector
orgarizalion oul of lvhich
5lcars should be ln a Senior
The incumbent should
have cxperience at scnior
lcvel position \’ith proven
knowledge of latest
linancial proccdures and
lavrs. Kno$,lcdgc ol SAI, is
Preferencc !!ill be .eiven ro
inculnbents having workinp
experience in CPSE s.
l Compan)
E2 le’el
0l post (lllt)
gross pay
‘lhe incurnbenl will bc
responsible lor
perlbrnring all the jobs
relaling to Compan)
Sccrelan as pcr lhe
Companies Act.
lo condLrct Eoard
ineerings. Audil
Comnilee tnectings.
ACIls. drafiing ol
ninutcs, prepare and
45 vears Craduate with
N{ernbership of Institute of
Company Secretarics of
India (ICSI) with
minimum 05 )ears post
protessional qualificalion
Executive experiencc as
Company Secretar! in a
PStJ/ large pri’ate seclor
organization with provcn
in-line knovrledge of latesr
compilc Annual
Reports. Director’s
rcport olher rclated
llles & documents. ll lc
statulor) rctums and
tinlns. Correspondence
with Adninistrative
minislr) ctc.
Company Law and
corporatc govcrnance
compliances including
Secrelarial standards”
good gmsp of applioablc
laus to a company so as to
reporl to BoD
0ol Finance
I-15 level
0l post (t,R)
gross pay
The incumbent will be
responsible for all
tlnancial acti!itics of
the (inporation.
including trnancial
accounting and
bLrdgetary contfol.
costing and pricing.
linalizatiolr of
Coirpanl Accounts.
familiarit] with cash
credil procedure.
prrrchase and store
accounts. capilal
epcnditure control.
and accounting of
marketing lunction.
liai!oning !ith
Fif ancial InslitLrtions
anclCo!1. bodics.
Graduatc lvith C-A. or
I.C.W.A. with minimum
12 )ears post professional
qlralification l-lxccutive
epcrience in-line in a
PStJ.1 large l)rivate seclor
organization oul ol Nhich
0.1 )cars sho ld be in a
4anagerial position.
The incunlbent should
havc eperiencc at middlc
le!el position ith proven
knowledge of latest
financial proccdLrres and
la\,s- Knowledgc of SAP is
05 Depu!l
E4 level
0l posl ((lR)
‘lhc incumbent ill be
responsible lbr
perlorming all llnancial
jobs ol the Corporalion
including trnancial
accounting and
budgctary control.
costing and pricing.
T,ration. Audit. cash
credit procedure
purchasc and store
Craduate $ith Cl.A. or
I-C.W.,^. with minimum
l0 ycars posl prof-essional
qualification txecutive
eperiencc in-line in a
PSUI large private sector
olganizaiion \ ith Proven
knor,’ledgc of latest
financial prcccdures and
ia\s. Knowledgc of SAP is
OlIcer Cr-l
The incumbcnt uill be
responsible for
45 years Graduate with C.A. or
l.C.W.A. wilh minimum 05
E2 level
02 posts (UR01. Ews-o1)
perlornring all fi nancial
.iobs oflhe Coryoration
including financial
accounling and
budgelal”_ control.
costing and pricing.
l’dxalion, Audit. cash
crcdil proccdLrre
purchasc and store
years post proiessional
qualification Execuli!e
erperiencc in line in a PSul
large private scctor
organization !ilh proven
knou,ledge of lnle$ llnancial
proccdurcs and la!s.
Knowledge of SAP is
Offi.er Gr-ll
El lerel
02 posts
M inimLun
gross pa)
The incumbenl ! ill bc
responsible f’or
perloflning all flnancial
.jobs of lhc Corporation
including financia I
accounling and
budgetar) control.
costing and pricing.
Taation. Audi!. cash
credit procedure
porchasc and store
40 years Graduale rvilh C.A. or
LC.W.,. with minimum 0i
years posl prolissional
qualillcallon Executive
cxperience in-line in a PSUI
large Prlvale seclor
organization wilh prolcn
kno$lcdge of latest financiel
procedures a.d laws.
Knorledge of SAP is
NB: UR- UnreseNed. S(l Schccluled Caste. ST- Schedulcd Tribe. OBCI (NCL)- Olher
llackward Class (Non- Cream) 1-aleo. [\rS Econornicalll !eaker scctiotl. PlBD- Persons
$ rrh (r,, rrr.r . .li.Joil’lie.. I -i’- – .cn icrnrJr.
Ccner:11 lnform.tion rDd instructions:
l) tssential qualilic.rlons as spccitlcd rrust be tiorn UGC recognized Univcrslty.lDeemed Universit) or
A ICTEr eppr()!.d Alrononrous Instixrtion.
l) Asainsr thc !nrcscrved posts- SCrST OBC P$BD,’E SMIEWS candjdales nral be considcred under
gcrrcral standa of rnerjt against thc said post proided no relaalion if agc ctc. is availed ofl’
exlended to thern. Ho!eer. againsl rhc reserled post. relaation as per Cot. guidelines ui11 apply.
l) BVFCL. rcscrv. thc right 10 rela the crileria jn case ol highl) deseNing candidates, oller immedialc
loucr posts ir crse candidates are nol lbuld mllaLrlc tirr lhc adverised,applied posl.
.l) Candidares crrplolcd in Covt. Depaftniert,Public Sector Undcrtiking/ Autofomolrs bodies shall
eirher lbr!erd thcir appllcatlon through pruper channel or shall producc “o obiection
cemificate ll onr rireir presenl enplo,,-er al thc timc of irlerview.
5) Applicaliors fot lbund as per preseribed lormal will bc slLmrnarily rejected. An applicaliof not
accorrpanied b) rele,rnt cenilcale(s)/documcfr(s)i phorographs. expeience cerliflcates etc
whcrcvcr ncccssir) or requisite f’ee or noL in prescribed format or not sillned b) the candidatc or
inconrplelc irl rn) rcspccl \,ill not bc entenaired.
6) N,lere eligiblLit) rill nol vesl afy right on an) cardidale to be called lbr inlervicw fbr an) Posl
The Clorporarion reser,cs lhe right Lo rcstr-ict the eligible candidates 1() bc called ior inler!lcw to
a reasonabLe limil on thc basis olcLrnvcficnl no ns lhal fia! be decided by the Corporrtiorl
l) Belbrc appl) ing lbr the post. crndidrtes should cnsure that hc/she fulfils thc clisibilitv and
orher cril(rix mentionr(l in thi x{l!(rliemet|t. Blr I solllo l,c irrr ,o -e_..’ ar –
applicalion iI an)- slagc ofthe rec|uitmcnt process, ilthc candidate is found ineligible forlhe
post tor which helhe has applied. The lte paid bl inellgible candidatcs shull be lbrfcited No
correspondcnce shall bc cnledained ill this regard Only fie shortlisled candidatcs. $’ho are
ibund apparertl) eligible based orr the details given in the application lbrm’ rill he crlled for
8) Oul station candidales called lbr llrleNie\ shall be paid single to and lio rail fare in AC II tier
re5tricted lo shoftesl rail/road roure on produclion ofRailray/Bus tickel
9) Posting olsclected cafdidates shall b. at l{egistered Offlce ofthe Corporation, N_amrlrp and
their scrYi.e will bc llable 10 be lrenslcn’ed .rn) !hcrc wilhir the Corporalion.
10) Apaft liorr llrc pay and illo$ances (Basic Pal. D.A- tiingc benefits. NL Allor’ance. Nannup
aliowrnces ctc.l olher Lrerrcfits inclrLde:i CralUitl’. PF. Lmplolees Pension Scherne under EPS 95.
Croup lnsrrxnce. Medical benellls. Ilesidenli.rl accorllrnodationr llRA (depending on place of
poning). l-dLrcalioral assistance lor childrcn elc as pcr rulcs ofdre BVFCI-. Higher siaft in the tinre
scalc of p.1) nia) bc considered in casc oldeseNing candidates.
ll) Candidale rcleased on VRSIVSS 1l’om anl Covennnenl organizalion”Psus fu!filling lhe abole
conditiol. rna) aLso applt and in the e!ent ol hislher seleclior hcrshe will be rcquired to deposit the
entirc cx gratia benelits io lhe Corporalion bcfore.ioiniDg as pcr rules.
l2) Canvassing in an) lorn lvill resull ln cancellation ol’1he candidature.
ll) Deser!ifg candidates onl) lna) appl) in prescribed fonnal along wilh attested copies ofce ificatcs
and teslimofials regarding agc. qualillcalion. erpcrience. caste lor SC,ST & valid non creanl) layer
cerlilicalc for OBC. Disability cenificile lor PvBll candidales l_rom Compelent Authority. lncome
and Asscl ccftillcate lor EWS issued by an] one of the aulhorities menlion.d ln the prescribcd
fomial b) Gou. ol lndia. xlo recenl passport size photognphs and a non-reiirndable applicalion
Iee oI{ :00′ (Rupees li!o hundrcd onl)) lor candidates belonging to Ceneral and OaC category
onl] b,,’ ‘a) of Brnk dmli dra\’n in tavour of BVFCL. Nam.up payable al SBIILJCO Bank. al
r’anrrup. ,{ssam-786621. SC,ST,PrBD,l:r SM candidales arc eempled fioln pa}men1 of
applicalion tees prolldcd rhe) attach an atlcsted cop) ol’SClSlIP’BD ce(ltjcatc as applicablc.
issued b) dre Conipelent Authori[ along $iIh dreir apPlication.
l,l) Applic.tion dul] comp’ete in all resptcts superscribing on th€ envelopc “Applic’tn’n for the

” (nanrc of the post) should bc sent so as to reach The Managcr (llR),
BVFCL, Nimrup, P.O. Parbatprr, Dist: Dibrugarh, Assam, Pin-78(r623 within 06,12.2n21.
Applicalions received aller last date ofsubmission will neither be cnlcrtained nor returncd uVFal.
will not be responsiblc for poslal dela) or loss, non delivel thereof. No conespondence in lhis
regard wiLL be enterlaifcd.
BVITCL resenes the riglrl 10 change thc nurnber of vacancies and cancel ,’ resirict / modi1.! I alter
lh. rccruitrncnl, !eleclion process- il requircd. wilhout issuing any funher nolicc or assignirrg in)

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